This page is one of three pages that utilize the Landing Page template. My first attempt at creating a flexible template, the focus is on exploring how to set up a WordPress site, the functionality of PHP, and injecting information from Advanced Custom Fields.

Rather than hardcoding the content, users can utilize Advanced Custom Fields and the WordPress editor to customize this template by changing the background image, page title, and card content. Here, I used the ACF and editor to highlight elements of southern California boardwalks where I would see lots of fancy dogs, excellent food, and interesting people.

The Beach Page

We can teach you how to surf. Please see our seasonal pricing packages below:


Price: $10.00

Included in this package:

Two sessions - one hour each


Price: $20.00

Included in this package:

Five sessions - one hour each


Price: $40.00

Included in this package:

Twelve sessions - one hour each