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The focus of this simple layout are the backgrounds associated with the header, footer, and inner sections. Using a filled SVG path, I added a curvy border to the header and footer sections. I played around with border radii and radial gradients to create a fade-out, angled background for the penultimate section.

Build Your Community

Huddle re-imagines the way we build communities. You have a voice, but so does your audience. Create connections with your users as you engage in genuine discussion.


Communities Formed


Messages Sent

Grow Together

Generate meaningful discussions with your audience and build a strong, loyal community. Think of the insightful conversations you miss out on with a feedback form.

Flowing Conversations

You wouldn't paginate a conversation in real life, so why do it online? Our threads have just-in-time loading for a more natural flow.

Your Users

It takes no time at all to integrate Huddle with your app's authentication solution. This means, once signed in to your app, your users can start chatting immediately.

Ready To Build Your Community?